Frequently Asked Questions

What is Elixir Toolbox about?

The idea behind Elixir Toolbox is to help you choose an Elixir package that implements the feature you're looking for.

For each category, you can compare packages by looking at different statistics, such as popularity, source code activity or downloads.

Why should I use Elixir Toolbox?

There are a few other curated package lists, such as, so why should I bother?

Elixir Toolbox exists to provide an alternative to such lists, with the following differences:

  • Only contains Elixir packages published to
  • Keep the package lists up-to-date by relying on data from and their respective repository
  • No ads

How can I suggest a package or category to Elixir Toolbox?

To add a Group, Category or Package, go to the Catalog Repository on GitHub and follow the contribution guidelines.